Smokey Quartz large bead Bracelet


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Price is per piece which will be divinely picked for you. The picture reflects the size and quality that you can expect, however, please be aware that every stone is different so there will be variations.

In mythological times Smokey Quartz was known as the guardian against all forms of bad luck. It is a fantastic stone that can be used for grounding and protection during stressful times and is incredibly useful during meditation as it can help clear internal thoughts. Smoke quartz is powerful after periods of illness or low mood as it gently restores physical energy and melting blocks within one's energy.  Smokey Quartz can also be used to absorb misfortune, sadness and obstacles that stand in your way. To do this, hold some Smokey Quartz preferably points in each hand pointed downwards. Imagine whatever sadness or obstacles you need to shed pouring through your fingertips and the quartz into Mother Earth.  Smokey Quartz promises a better tomorrow and light at the end of a long tunnel.