Citrine Tumbles


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Price is per piece which will be divinely picked for you. The picture reflects the size and quality that you can expect, however, please be aware that every stone is different so there will be variations. 

As a stone of Mercury, the Roman messenger god, Citrine holds the clear sunlight of early morning rather than the heat of noon therefore known as the sunstone. Citrine is said to aid in improving communication and for attracting money and business. Being drawn to Citrine may mean that it is time to communicate your ideas and needs clearly or perhaps trying to activities and visiting new places. Citrine is said to help you get in touch with your intuitive side by helping you distinguish between anxiety and your inner voice you as to the right decision or action to make. Citrine is a powerful stone as it does not absorb any negative energy rather transforming it into positive energy. 

Approx Weight: 15-25g