Blue Lace Agate Tumble Stone


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Price is per piece which will be divinely picked for you. The picture reflects the size and quality that you can expect, however, please be aware that every stone is different so there will be variations. 

Blue lace agate also is known as the communication stone or stone of the peacemaker and is powerful for those who often have trouble being heard by those around them and need the boost of courage to speak about what's on their mind.  It is said to aid in alleviating the feelings of anger and tension between family, friends and work colleagues. Wearing blue lace agate can help you return to your natural state of joy through the calming of stress and anxiety. Blue lace agate is said to help alleviate sore throats, thyroid problems and headaches.  Healers should carry blue lace agate to increase their healing energies and stop them from becoming exhausted.

Approx Weight: 15-25g