Amethyst Rough Polished Point (Cupcake)


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Amethyst 'Cupcake' best of both worlds these Crystals are rough cut free standing base, polished point.

Amethyst is often called all healer as is one of the most powerful crystals for any kind of healing work. Powerful for ailments of both mind and body, especially emotional problems. Placing an amethyst stone on your stomach or liver can help soothe problems in those areas, as well as soothing headaches if placed on the temple. Keeping amethyst close by in your bedroom is also said to guard against nightmares and insomnia. Amethyst is a powerful stone for spirituality as it is said to enhance your meditative state with its high frequencies cleansing your aura of any negative energy or attachments you may have.

Approx: Wx450g Hx11cm Wx7.5cm