Obsidian Black Tumbles


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Price is per piece which will be divinely picked for you. The picture reflects the size and quality that you can expect, however, please be aware that every stone is different so there will be variations. 

Obsidian is known as the wizard stone is known for its powerful protecting powers. It is known to protect and cleanse your aura negative attachments and emotions. Gazing into the obsidian crystal is said to give you inner visions of the way through problems if you relax and let solutions come. Obsidian is a very personal stone and is generally brought and kept by one person only. Black obsidian is a brilliant grounding stone with its energy helping you move any excess energy you may have down via your earth chakra for grounding. Mainly associated with the third eye chakra, the vibrations of the black obsidian may aid in helping you receive answers to questions you may be seeking. 

Approx Weight: 15-25g